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Leadership Diploma Certificate (LDC)


Duration: 3 Months  
Is awarded as a core courses upon completion of the basics study program embracing the office of spiritual leadership in your ministry, church or assignment in any areas of calling. This course encompasses the basic knowledge of what it means to be a Christian and in-depth study of the old and new testaments scriptures.
In addition to these, students will dive to depth the engrafted word of truth, about the church history from the earliest records to the recent years, they will learn also about responsibilities associated with leadership positions in the church kingdom comparing and contrasting with relevance the universal leadership role of the church in this age. More information about a f1 betting uk.

Courses Offered: (44 Credit)

  • The character of God – 3 Credit
  • How to Study the Bible – 3 Credit
  • Books of Proverbs – 6 Credit
  • Old Testaments Survey 1&2 – 6 Credit
  • Principles of Prayer – 3 Credit
  • Bible Doctrines  – 3 Credit
  • Righteousness – 3 Credit
  • Missions – 3 Credit
  • New Testament Survey 1&2 ( 6 Credit)
  • Spiritual Leadership – 5 Credit
  • Praise Life