Advance Diploma in Practical Ministry (ADIPM)

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Advance Diploma in Practical Ministry (ADIPM)


Duration: 1 Year
This very course takes students into deeper depths of the word of God translated into experience and knowledge of the “Logos” into “Rhema” through the practical approach of real-life day to day gospel in the light of truth. Every student will be trained and empowered to recognize, identify deeply the ability to understand and rightly dividing the word of truth. They will learn the practical aspect of the bible history of the church and teachings and doctrines present in the church today.
This is the second-highest diploma available to students at Kingdom Diplomatic Reform Institute, unveiling the mysteries of the word and preparing student which are already in ministry functioning in various offices as Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers, Ministry Helps and Governments.
These courses unleash the resident potentials and passion in your spirit man through the Holy Spirit to exercise in unveiling the mysteries of the manifold knowledge of the truth through the practical approach of faith, separating theories of theology and dogmatism which have ruined and weakened the faith of this generation. So take advantage of that to step into a world of possibilities in ministry training. Be familiar with a william hill f1 betting.

Course Offered: (69 Credits)

  • The character of God – 3 Credit
  • Life of Christ – 3 Credit
  • Bible Doctrine – 3 Credit
  • Book of Proverbs – 3 Credit
  • Evangelism – 4 Credit
  • Bible Covenants – 3 Credit
  • Old Testament Survey 1&2 ( 6 Credit)
  • Faith that changes the World – 3 Credit
  • Marriage & Family – 5 Credit
  • New Testament Survey – 1&2 (6 Credit)
  • Counseling – 5 Credit
  • Ministry Gifts – 3 Credit
  • Practical Ministries – 5 Credit
  • Prayer Life – 3 Credit
  • Person of the Holy Spirit – 3 Credit
  • Teaching Fundamentals – 4 Credit
  • The Church – 5 Credit
  • Outreach Ministry – 3 Credit
  • Spiritual Leadership – 3 Credit
  • The Doctrine of Angels – 3 Credit