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The Grace Nation Diplomatic Institute (GNDI) bible college program offers several levels of core courses and certifications that are strategic and unique in our generation to the times in we which we live, armed with the aim to equip believers and ministers  with the purpose to finish strong in their various calling boycotting the cost of ignorance in the body of Christ today. Each certificate, leadership or diploma levels can serve as either for ministry oriented or a stepping stone toward your calling and ministry or spiritual leadership responsibilities in your place of assignment which makes it easier for students to recognizes their achievement as they work toward higher goals. Everyone seeking leadership positions in any church must be trained and must be equipped because the experience is good, personal edification is not enough, refresher courses you did long ago is not sufficient in today’s Christian adventure.

But training provides you with the platform of profitability through balanced knowledge of God’s word, disciplines thru discipleship, reduce the dangers of being carried away by divers wind of doctrines, establishing your heart in truth against false teaching, heresies and en-grafted to show yourself a workman that needed not to be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth. Our curriculum and study programs has been proven and accepted by various bible colleges and universities worldwide whose core courses originate from practical Christian Spirit-filled approaches on the present-day Christian proofs and doctrines.

All the courses are designed to meet all your spiritual and physical desires, our study programs is right for you. (God gave us a mandate, 2 Timothy 3:10-17, saying “Until my doctrine is taught to my people, they will never understand my life and nature which is able to save their soul and those that hear them). Now I send you to teach both in words and letter the details of the truth you already received from me and it shall be well with you.

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  • Pastoral Recommendation Letter
  • Personal/ Spouse Recommendation letters
  • Copy of atleast a high school diploma or equivalent

This must be filled out and returned, in order to complete the application process.Application fee and all documents should be submitted online or sent to:

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